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Because I am using Paintstiks so heavily on fabric now, I started wondering if there is potential for damage to the fabric from the oils in the paint.  It seemed like a good time to do some research.  The “go-to” person for info on Paintstiks is Shelly Stokes who wrote “Paintstiks on Fabric” .  Shelly Stokes believes that Shiva Paintstiks are indeed safe for fabric and notes that they have been used on fabric since the 60’s – 45-50 years. 

Most oil bars contain linseed oil which is highly acidic.  Stokes reports that Shiva Paintstiks contain less linseed oil than other oil sticks, meaning less acidic content.  Additionally, the linseed oil in Shiva Paintstiks is refined in a way that makes it less acidic.  Smaller amounts of linseed oil allows the paint to dry much faster – hours instead of weeks or months.  Using heat to set the paint can speed up the drying even more.   

Although damage to fabric could take years or decades to show up, manufacturers do not recommend oil sticks to be used on fabric, except for Shiva Paintstiks.  So with a sigh of relief, I continue painting on fabric.

Here is another small piece for my “Impressionist Landscape” series.  This piece is just out of the wet studio and is in need of paint and stitching.

“Cattails I” (c)2010 Shelley Brucar


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“Suset River I” dye-painted

“Sunset River I” mostly stitched

The piece I’ve been blogging about is at the frustrating “where is it going” stage.  So that’s my sign to take a break from it and work on some smaller pieces I had started.  The images shown here are of “River Sunset I” which will be stretched over stretcher bars; finished size: 16″ x 22″.  The first image was taken after the piece was wet-dyed and dry-over-dyed.  The second image shows the piece with most of the stitching was done.  You can see that I used thread-painting to define the reeds.


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All winter I’m stuck inside for dyeing fabric.  As soon as summer comes, I move the dyeing studio outside where I’m so much happier.  So now that it’s finally warm and has stopped raining, I’m up to my elbows in fabric dye and various discharge solutions – all outside.  I start with white fabric, dye it, overdye it, and screen it many times with different screens made from my own or my husband’s photos.  When the fabric is totally saturated and won’t take any more dye, I discharge some of the color, then dye or screen more, and then sometimes paint it.  Here are a few of the pieces that have been created recently in my back yard:





And here’s one new piece that has come from this process:

Weathered Text“Weathered Text” by Shelley Brucar.  Hand-dyed, screened and discharged velvet; machine stitching.

What, you may be thinking, does all this have to do with stress management and serenity?  Did I mention that fiber art is what brings me serenity?  If you don’t already have something you’re passionate about – something that makes the rest of the world disappear when you’re involved with it – find that passion now.  Then make time to pursue your passion.

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