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Another beautiful morning to paint outside, and good timing because I was not thrilled with my last dripping paint results.  Things are looking much better today though.

I mixed pink and red with a VERY small amount of blue to get fuschia.   If you put in more than a drop of blue, you will get a lovely purple, but that is not what I was going for here.  Then I mixed blue with a very light torquoise and a more green torquoise to get the torquoise-blue color.  I mixed both colors right in a squirt bottle and added water to thin the paint.  I hung my fabrics, sprayed them with the hose, and proceeded to drip the paint.  After applying all the paint, I lightly misted the fabric to enhance the flow of the colors.

I painted a second piece using the fuschia already mixed and an orange mixed from yellow and a SMALL touch of red, same process as above.

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