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I’m really bad at keeping up with people, absolutely negligent.  So over the years, I have lost touch with everyone I knew before college, not to mention quite a few people since.  Then last weekend, I got a call from a very close friend from high school.  We were best friends at 16, and now we’re almost – well never mind!  Anyway, it was great to hear from her and to do some catching-up on all those years.  She and another “girl” from way back when have been searching for people from our little circle of friends, and this has resulted in a flurry of excited emails and potential plans for a mini reunion in the fall.

High school can be rough for a variety of reasons.  I never went to a high school reunion because I had no desire to revisit that dreadful period of my life.  But now it’s all so far in the past, and I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with these friends.

People come in and out of our lives at different times.  If there are old friends who you have lost in the shuffle but would like to talk to now, find them and phone them.  The call I got over the weekend certainly brought a smile to my face!  So thanks for calling, Bari.


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Up and Running

After considerable agony (stress) and lots of tech support (destress), “Surround Yourself with Serenity” is really up and running – complete with the SUBSCRIPTION OPTION!  If you click the Subscribe icon, you will have the opportunity to subscribe by email – or other ways that those of us who are technologically challenged do not understand.

So go ahead, subscribe or just keep watching, so you won’t miss the next post on a very important destressing tool – BREATHING.

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