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My “Messages” series is coming along.  Lisa Chipetine noted that I need to be aware of copyright issues for graffiti art included in the “Modern Messages” pieces.  I’m feeling a little silly that  this did not occur to me because I know that as soon as a piece of art if finished, the artist owns the copyright.  So I will be using graffiti art for inspiration and/or using only pieces of images in my work.  Thanks, Lisa.

Here are 3 new “Ancient Messages” pieces.  They include wall paintings from Pompei, which was destroyed and buried during the 2-day eruption of  Mount Vesuvius in 79AD; I’m assuming there are no copyright issues for these artworks.

“Ancient Messages III- Wall Art Pompei”  (c)2010 Shelley Brucar

“Ancient Messages IV – Wall Art Pompei”  (c)2010 Shelley Brucar

“Ancient Messages V” (c)2010   Shelley Brucar

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Last week, I did some rust dyeing at Nina Edelman’s lovely studio.   Sometimes both sides of the rust-dyed cloth were interesting:

Tracy McCabe Stewart, Leah Rosenthal and Cathy Mendola were all part of the rusty day.

Everyone hard at work, and of course, we took time to replentish energy from Miss Nina’s fabulous soup and salad bar.   In the background  of these photos, you can see one of Nina’s quilts and part of her home – because wherever Nina goes there is art!

I thought rust-dyeing would be perfect for my “in progress” graffiti series.  So  I treated some of the rusted cloth with Bubble Jet Set and printed graffiti over it from photos my husband and I have taken.

Thanks for a fun and productive day, Nina!

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Yesterday I saw a prevew of Barbara Schneider’s solo show which runs September 1 through September 29 at Lakeside Legacy Arts Park.  Of course I did not have a camera with me, but I was with mixed media/fiber artist, Jeanne Raffer Beck who is prepared and did have her camera.  Click on Jeanne’s name and you will be able to see a preview of Barbara’s extraordinary show, read Jeanne’s wonderful blog and see her website.  If you can get to Crystal Lake this month, see the exhibit it in person.  Artist reception is Sept 20, 3:00-5.

These foresty-looking screened/discharged pieces are currently up on my design wall, waiting for something to happen:

Screened forest1

Screened forest2


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