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TOP 100’s


There have suddenly appeared many top 100 lists on facebook – places we’ve been, what we’ve eaten, etc.  Instead of a list of where people have been, how about everyone’s TOP FIVE FAVORITE PLACES?  Mine are:

VENICE   – Awesome water reflections and the very colorful island of Burano


ZION NATIONAL PARK, UTAH   where hiking The Narrows was one of the most exciting adventures ever!


BARCELONA – art everywhere and the BEST FOOD!!!


CAPRI – Complete beauty


CINQUE TERRE, ITALY – intense hiking between the towns


Yes, I see that 3 of my top 5 are in Italy!  I also love Rocky Mountain National Park, Durango (and all of Colorado for that matter), Yosemite, Boston, northern California, New Orleans, Yellowstone, Sedona.  I could go on and on…


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