It took three of us over 4 hours, but the show is hung!  And it’s looking good.





  Here is part of the wall in the gallery with “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”  exhibit.    Work shown here is by Cheryl Dineen Ferrin, Kathie Briggs, Astrid Hilger Bennett, Shelley Brucar and Clairan Ferrono.





  This is a view of the hallway which goes from the gallery to the theater.  The work seen to the left is by Casey Puetz, Trish Williams, Astrid Hilger Bennett and Laura Wasilowski.  On the right, you can see “Southern Lights IX” by Shelley Brucar.  This photo does not adequately show the brilliant flash of color that greets you looking down the hallway so you just have to get to Schaumburg to see the show in person.  It’s at the Schaumburg Prairie Center for the Arts, 201 Schaumburg Court through Sunday, November 27.



Here is another view down the hallway with work by Joan Potter Thomas, Pat Owoc, Pat Kroth, Linda Witte Henke and Trish Williams.




This is the lobby in front of the theater with work by Shelley Brucar.






Very tired workers, Mary Berg, formerly of Simply Chicago Art, and Clairan Ferrono of Fiber Artists Coalition, curator of Some Like it Hot – with some help from Shelley.  Please join us for the ARTIST RECEPTION on Saturday, November 26 from 3:00 to 5.


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