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You can get distinctly different results from dripping paint by chosing to start with wet or dry fabric.  Here was the dripping paint on wet fabric – very smooth:

And here is the next layer, dripping paint on dry fabric.  The paint is thinned with water, so it is wet enough to blend, but you also get some more defined lines when using dry fabric.

And a detail shot:

How wonderful to have beautiful enough weather to be painting outside!


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Another beautiful morning to paint outside, and good timing because I was not thrilled with my last dripping paint results.  Things are looking much better today though.

I mixed pink and red with a VERY small amount of blue to get fuschia.   If you put in more than a drop of blue, you will get a lovely purple, but that is not what I was going for here.  Then I mixed blue with a very light torquoise and a more green torquoise to get the torquoise-blue color.  I mixed both colors right in a squirt bottle and added water to thin the paint.  I hung my fabrics, sprayed them with the hose, and proceeded to drip the paint.  After applying all the paint, I lightly misted the fabric to enhance the flow of the colors.

I painted a second piece using the fuschia already mixed and an orange mixed from yellow and a SMALL touch of red, same process as above.

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Thought for the Day


Here’s a quote from Jeanne Beck’s blog:

“Now we are going to make a new-way path. So you take a shovel, you take a ground-haker, you take a hairpin and you start digging. And you dig in all directions: up and down, in and out, right and left. Not in a straight line. Nothing natural or interesting goes in a straight line. As a matter of fact, it is the quickest way to the wrong place. And don’t pretend you know where you are going. Because if you know where you are going, that means you’ve been there, and you are going to end up exactly where you came from.” —Sherry Ruth Anderson, The Feminine Face of God

And it reminds me of a favorite quote of mine, and unfortunately I do not know the author:

“When you plant a new seed in the soil, the first thing that comes up is not the new shoot.  the first thing that comes up is a little dirt.”

Going forward and embracing change…

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   Riverbed II by Tracy McCabe Stewart

My good friend, Tracy has left for California.  I have always loved her Riverbed series, and I’m keeping a piece of Tracy here with me!

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