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Time to get back to painting, and it’s finally nice enough to spread out in the yard!  “Dripping” can be done indoors over the laundry tub, but it’s so much more fun outside.  I pull a piece of twine across the yard; it’s attached to my fence but you can use trees or whatever is available in your space.  Old-fashioned clothes pins hold the fabric. 

I’m in the beginning (experimental) stages of a series on water reflections from Venice, so dripping seems to be a good place to start.  I hang my fabric (background already dyed and painted), wet the fabric and start to apply paint.  This can be done on dry fabric if you want more defined lines; paint on wet fabric spreads.  I’m using a spoon here but also use various sized brushes to apply paint. 

  For even more dripping, spray lightly with the hose.  If you spray too heavily here, you can wash off a good amount of paint – nice if you don’t like what you’ve done.


  Add water to thin the paint, and you can apply it from a bottle; this gives a little more control over the dripping.

  Don’t worry about the wind blowing your fabric – your paint may move around in some interesting ways!


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 Endangered Reef  (c)2011 Shelley Brucar

This piece is from my memory of snorkeling on St. Johns, VI, many years ago.  It shows the brilliant colors of the coral, but if you look close, you can also see the beginning of bleaching in spots.

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Because of rising temperatures, our beautiful seas are in danger.  Magnificent coral reefs are getting bleached out; totally saturated colors are turning white!  The habitat of the sea turtle is being destroyed, and these elegant creatures are endangered.  I have not, in the past, used my art work to make a political statement. However I felt compelled to represent the endangered reefs and turtles in fiber, and the 2nd piece of this series was finished this morning.

Interestingly, the theme for Art Quilts Lowell this year is “The Sea” – When I saw this call for entry, my 1st piece was completed and the 2nd piece was underway.  So I stepped up my pace a bit, planning to submit both pieces to this show.  Filling out the entry form today, I saw that maximum width is 48″.  The Endangered Sea Turtle piece is 54″, so alas, they will be submitted to a different show with no size restrictions.  So much for looking at directions…

The good news is that both pieces are finished and photographed!


Endangered Sea Turtle  (c)2011 Shelley Brucar

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