I was side-tracked with busyness over the holidays, but am now back to playing with paint.  One thing I love about working in cloth is that it is so tactile and naturally textured.  Then you take the painted, fabric-layered design and add stitching and, voila! a whole new layer of design and texture emerges.  There are many ways to enhance the texture of cloth before you even start stitching, and here are some experiments with adding texture to fabric. 

1.  This image started with a layer of ProChem paint over strips of fabric.  Then it was stamped (white paint) with a homemade stamp made of string wrapped around a piece of wood.  In the upper and lower left corners you can see stamping done with another homemade stamp, this one made of moldable foam.  The upper and lower right corners are stamped using a scouring pad.  (Oh, the many uses you will find for kitchen implements once you start experimenting!)

4.  This image is a combination of stamping with a scouring pad and painting over string with paint + Golden sand resin gel.  The photo does not show the rich texture from the sand gel, but experimenting with this and other gels is well worth your time.  The white brush strokes were done with broom bristles.  (Oh, the many uses you will find for items you thought were only useful for cleaning the house!)

You can see from the fabric pieces in the first image and the string in the second image, that paint acts as a glue so various objects will adhere to your fabric when painted over or under.  This is just the beginning – more texture experiments to come.  Meanwhile, how many ideas can you think of for adding texture to fabric pieces?


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