Here are some ideas for hanging and displaying fiber art.

Put a decorative rod through the sleeve, as shown with “Moonlit Forest”  (c)2009 Shelley Brucar:

Drill holes in the ends of a flat aluminum rod which is put through the sleeve of the art work.  You can simply put nails through the holes with nothing showing on the front, or you can put fishing wire through the holes to hang like any picture or painting.

Put a branch through the sleeve, as show with “Mountain Views II: We’re Not in Kansas” (c)2010 Shelley Brucar:

If the work is stretched over stretcher bars, it can be hung like a painting.  It can also be displayed on a floor easel, as shown with “Southwest Series III” (c)2008 Shelley Brucar.

Or it can be displayed on a table-top easel, as shown with the work below that is so far untitled.  (c)2010 Shelley Brucar

If you have other ideas, please share!


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