First, thank you to Beth Polansky for naming the lily pads.  The former #3 is now “Giverny Revisited”.  As I told Beth, it makes me happy that my work reminds her of Monet because his work is such a major influence for me. 

A second thank you to Mary Gallagher for naming the piece shown in my April 12 post.  This sunset with branches is now “Reflections on a Sunset”.  This title also works well for me.  I like the double meaning of reflections on water and reflecting on life, and I do have a “Reflections” series from 2008.

These pieces are all part of my new series, “Impressionist Landscapes – Small Works” and are all priced between $530 and $600.  Sizes vary slightly but are mostly 15″ – 16″ on the short side and 22″ – 25″ on the long side.  They are all stretched over stretcher bars with the design wrapping around the sides, so they can be hung as is or they can be framed, depending on individual preference.

In appreciation of help with naming, I am offering 10% off the price if you want to purchase the piece you have named.  There are still four pieces from my April 8 post waiting to be named.  And here are the next 2 pieces in need of names. 

8    (c)2010 Shelley Brucar

9   (c)2010 Shelley Brucar

This series will be exhibited at Simply Chicago Art, July 10 through August 1 with Artist Reception July 10, 1:00 to 5pm.

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