This is the sentiment on my son’s t-shirt today, and I love it!

Yesterday at International Quilt Festival, I was talking with a friend about the sad fact that 2 quilt shops where I used to teach have closed.  I love teaching art quilting, and said that I would like to do more of it.  At that moment, someone who used to work at one of the now-closed shops walked by and asked me if I’m looking for teaching gigs.  She is working at a different shop and suggested that I call her about doing classes there.

We all make choices every day about how we are going to feel, how we are going to behave and what we are going to do.  Most of these choices are so automatic, we don’t consider options even when there are many possible alternatives.  So get off auto-pilot.  Think about what you really do want.  Then put your intentions out there.  Do what you want – and get paid too!!!

I also teach for guilds, so if your group or someone you know is looking for a workshop on art quilting, please contact me. 

This is one of the art quilt patterns available in my class:

“In The Breeze I”  (c)Shelley Brucar 2006


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  1. Have you ever done a workshop for NSNG? If not do you want me to ‘hire’ you for the 2011-2012 season?
    Think about it. If this isn’t a 2 day workshop, maybe you want to think about expanding it to 2 days or coming up with a new workshop that could fit our guild.
    Let me know.

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