December 4, 2009, I posted about a new product to protect fiber from fading and sun damage, a product that hopefully will not damage the air we breathe.  I found it at JoAnn Fabrics, and it is called ForceField UV SunBlock. 

To test this product, I cut a piece of hand-dyed fabric in two and sprayed one with ForceField, not the other.  I have been keeping both pieces of fabric in direct sun – as much as one can find direct sun during midwest winter –  to see if the protected piece holds its color and to make sure the product does not in any way damage the fabric.

After 3+ months, I see only the slightest fading on the “unprotected” piece of fabric, so slight that I may be imagining it.  The good news is that there is definitely no fading or damage to the “protected” piece of fabric.  Three months is hardly enough time to engender total confidence for ForceField UV SunBlock, and I will continue to expose my test fabrics to direct sun; this will be easier to do as we head into Spring.  For now, I feel good enough about the product that I will start using it on finished pieces of my work.


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