Working on the piece from my last post, two more layers have been added.  While the first layer was dye-painted onto damp fabric to allow colors to run and blend, the next two layers have been screened onto dry fabric for crisper lines.  It has been screened with a second layer of procion dyes, and then a layer of vat dyes.  Vat dyes put color in and discharge color simultaneously, giving a halo effect.  Most of the change so far is subtle.  Can you figure out what are the differences between the image in my March 10 post and the image below – before you scroll past the image for the answers? 

1. I have put in some darker waves to give the water depth.   2. I have vat-dyed the two mountains in the foreground to add texture and to make them darker, thereby bringing them forward.   3. The mid-range and left, background mountains have been given some texture as well; this may be difficult to see in the background mountain.  Again, it’s all very subtle so far.  4. There are some changes, added lines in the sky.

Next, I will get out my Shiva Paintstiks and start adding layers of paint.  I want more texture, more depth, more shadows and highlights for contrast. 

Since I have made this a “shared” project, any comments are welcome.  What do you see?  What do you like or dislike so far?  What do you think the piece needs?



Filed under Art Stuff, discharge dyeing, Fiber Art, hand-dyeing, thermofax screens


  1. I don’t know why but the image never opened up for me.

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