I participated in Alyson Stanfield’s art marketing workshop this week, and my brain is full!  She covered artist statements, mailing lists, portfolios and online media.  In fact, she covered enough material that I could say it was overwhelming, but she also had us work on our individual Action Plans which has provided me with the focus I need to put aside time for marketing that will be used productively.  I do heartily recommend a workshop with Alyson as well as her new book, I’d Rather Be in the Studio!  Thanks so much, Alyson!

Of course, one very important piece of business is creating work, and my 2010 goals include 2 new bodies of work.  “Messages” is described in my Nov 12, 2009 post, and the first pieces of this series are posted on this blog 1/15/10 and 3/5/10.  This series will be exhibited in July at Simply Chicago Art in Evanston, IL – more info later.

 The “Mountain Views” series depicts some scenes I would like to see from my studio window.  Since I live in the Midwest, these scenes are only on my design walls for the time being.  The first piece of this series is completed, just not photographed yet, and 3 pieces are in progress.    The 4th piece has just been started, and I decided to post images to show the progress of this piece. I’m thinking this could be a risky thing to do because the piece is just barely started, and I never know if I’ll really like it in the end.  But here goes…the first of many layers:

“Mountain Views IV”  (c)2010 Shelley Brucar



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3 responses to “ART MARKETING

  1. What a lovely piece–great colors. I agree there is a serenity about your work. I love how your in the mid West and do mountains, I am in Massachusetts and frequently do the mid West. We each have our own vistas of the imagination.

  2. Ann, thanks for your comment. I recognized your name and went to your blog. I like your Prairie Sky and also like custom orders. Combining my vision with a customer’s vision is exciting, it always stretches me beyond my comfort zone, and I learn so much!

  3. Shelley: Thank you for coming to the workshop in Racine and for being so fully present. It means a lot to me that you got so much out of it and recommend my workshops to others. Keep up the good work!

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