In day 2 of the Mary Hetts workshop we learned more techniques and continued our hammering, firing and designing.  My reason for taking this workshop was just to have two days of inpiring play and creativity; Idid not expect that I would be motivated to actually apply metal work to myart.  As is often the case, I got much more than anticipated, and metals turn out to be the perfect addition to my “Ancient Messages/Modern Messages” series, just started, fully described in my November 12 post – and does anyone have grafitti images that you want to email to me with permission to use?

I digress – back to the workshop.  Mary came back day 2 with at least as much energy as the first day.  And she did love how easily excited our group responded to every new idea – we’re so easy!  We are also quite creative, and here are some photos from the workshop.

Here is some “twining” by me – a stitch I could actually do!  I really love the colors that come out of the surface of metals when they are heated.  And I find the rigid nature of metals to be the ideal compliment to the softness of fabric.

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