Christine Kane talks about having a word for the year to signal your intention, to make things happen the way you want them to unfold.  I like this idea, and my word for 2009 was OPPORTUNITY.  It was my intention to take advantage of each opportunity that appeared and to create new opportunities when what I wanted was not readily apparent.  I did follow this intention throughout the year, and as a result, I entered some shows I might have avoided – and got in – such as SAQA Transformations 09: Reflections.  I joined a wonderful group of artists, Fiber Artists Coalition, which means more exhibits, curating “opportunities”, and support.

After giving it some thought this morning, I decided my word for 2010 is “PRESENT”.  I want to be fully conscious, fully focused, in the moment, “present” for every piece of my life in 2010.  I intend to be fully WITH whoever I am with, fully ENGAGED in whatever is going on EACH moment.  How exciting!

What’s your word for 2010?


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One response to “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010

  1. Hey Shel,
    I am going with two words this year: dare and pathways. I want my focus to be on seeing the path to shift areas that are stuck for me. Dare is about reaching the end of the year with no regrets about what I didn’t do. Should be interesting. Happy New Year to you. Smooches, Tracy

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