Last week, I did some rust dyeing at Nina Edelman’s lovely studio.   Sometimes both sides of the rust-dyed cloth were interesting:

Tracy McCabe Stewart, Leah Rosenthal and Cathy Mendola were all part of the rusty day.

Everyone hard at work, and of course, we took time to replentish energy from Miss Nina’s fabulous soup and salad bar.   In the background  of these photos, you can see one of Nina’s quilts and part of her home – because wherever Nina goes there is art!

I thought rust-dyeing would be perfect for my “in progress” graffiti series.  So  I treated some of the rusted cloth with Bubble Jet Set and printed graffiti over it from photos my husband and I have taken.

Thanks for a fun and productive day, Nina!


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One response to “RUST DYEING

  1. Oh wow! You got some really great rusting. And I LOVE the graffiti printed over it. Perfect application!
    You got some great pics that day.
    Hopefully one of these days, I’ll post the pics of that day along with my rusty pieces.
    Believe it or not, I still have mine stacked and rusting!

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