In case you did not get to the the One of a Kind show, Chicago last weekend, here are a few of the artists I really enjoyed.  You may want to check out their websites.

Laura Beth Cartwright, painter.  A bold use of color and texture gives Laura’s work movement that draws the viewer in.  Her work is exciting and serene at the same time.

Anne Tirey, painter.  I like pieces that allow the viewer to read meanings based on their own experiences and backgrounds.  Anne’s abstract work allows the view to do this.  She also has upbeat music on her website, and it’s fun to listen while viewing artwork.

Ruth Walker, feltmaker.  I could not find what I really loved on Ruth’s website – her hand-dyed wool jackets.  She was a sweetheart to talk with and offered to answer questions if I decide to dye wool and need any help.

Jared Davis, glass.  Elegantly shaped and colored glass.  Check out his Swedish Birch series.

Linda Steinworth, jewelry.  Beautiful stones and graceful lines.  I don’t wear much jewelry, but these are pieces I would be happy to put on.

There were, of course, many other fantastic artists so if you missed it this time, mark your calendar for next year!


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