Social Worker, Sharon Weingarten, has a website that serves as an immensely useful tool for anyone who works with kids, has kids, or is a kid.  What I Wish You Knew allows kids and parents to post messages that are often difficult to express, or difficult to hear, face-to-face.  Every parent and child will be able to relate to some of these messages and perhaps begin to understand their own parent-child relationship a little more clearly.  Communications skills are such an important piece of stress management and finding serenity.

Meeting Sharon just happens to coincide with a related fiber art series I am beginning to conceptualize.  While in Italy, I noticed that there was an abundance of graffiti.  Italy’s graffiti however, was mostly not gang-related or, in any way, angry.  Some of the graffiti I saw exhibited the talent of the graffiti artist.


Much of it was about amore. P9181432Even with my very limited Italian, I get the gist of this message written on a train window:  “I need you.  Return to me.  I love you.”

I am also fascinated with Hebrew lettering, although I do not read Hebrew.  So my new series of work is going to be about “Ancient Messages” and “Modern Messages”.   Here are the screened fabrics for the first two pieces of the “Messages” series:

Ancient msg 1 (c) Shelley Brucar 2009

Modern msg 1

(c) Shelley Brucar 2009

I would love to have a great range of messages, old and new.  If you have a photo of your favorite Hebrew text and/or photos of graffiti that you would like to share, please send them to me ( along with your understanding of the message and – important – your consent for me to use your photos in this series of fiber art.  Feel free to forward this post to anyone you know who may be interested in Sharon’s or my messages.  Thanks.


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