It’s a great time to start thinking about your 2010 goals.  So here’s the follow-up to my previous posts about VALUES, VISIONS and GOALS.  My 7/21/09 post was about the importance of goals being Fluid, Action-oriented and Relevant.  My 8/7/09 post listed several questions to help you identify your core values, the first step in formulating Relevant Goals.  Review those two posts now, then sit down to think about and write some goals.

A chart for those of us who are visual thinkers:

 Goal diagram

1.  Think about your VISION.  How and where do you see yourself 6 months from now?  1 year, 5 years, 10 years?  Visualize your future being exactly what you want it to be.  Include as much detail as you want to.

     Example:  My vision is to have my art being sold in 2 more galleries.

2.  Now write the GOALS that will help you realize this vision.  Your written goals can be short-term or long-term, and preferably some of each.

GOALS are realistic; they should be reachable but not too easy – stretch a little outside your comfort level, but don’t set goals so high that you feel defeated before you start. 

GOALS are quantifiable; you want to be able to look at your goals at regular intervals and measure your progress toward achieving each one.

GOALS are action-oriented; you want to look at each goal and visualize exactly what you are going to do to achieve it.

GOALS are relevant; they reflect your core values.

     Example:  1.  Finish a cohesive body of work.     (There would be more than 1 goal, but this is just an example, ok?)

3.  For each Goal, write the specific STEPS TO ACHIEVE the goal.  What exactly will you do to make that goal happen?  These steps should be small increments and very specific.

     Example:  a. Decide on a theme for a body of work.  b. Decide size range for finished pieces.  c. Create designs and screens.  d. Dye and screen fabric. e. Work in studio at 4 hours/day.

4.  Think about potential OBSTACLES to reaching each goal.

     Example:  a. Not feeling creative.  b. Time constraints due to other committments. 

5.  List the PEOPLE and other RESOURCES that can help you complete the steps to achieve each goal.

6.  Every day, do one thing that will help you reach your goals.  As Stephen Covey puts it, “Act in accordance with what matters most.”  

Ask yourself, “If someone had a video of my typical day, what would they see?  Based on your current actions and behaviors, where do I expect to be in 5 years?  Now what changes do you want to make?



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