More photos from Italy, now one of my favorite places on earth!

Towers of San Gimignano

Towers of San Gimignano, one of the Tuscan Hill Towns.  Photo by Shelley.  I have read that there used to be 70 towers in San Gimignano which were used for protection from invading armies.

Tuscany landscape from San Gimignano

Here’s a look at the Tuscany landscape from San Gimignano.  Photo by Shelley.

Leonie 3

Here’s our new friend from Australia.  We met Leonie at the bus station and spent a delightful afternoon in San Gimignano with her.  This photo is our “proof” that we really did climb that tower!

Tuscany 1

Tuscany.  Photo by Wayne.

Tuscany 2

Tuscany.  Photo by Wayne.

Next time I go to Italy, I plan to do much more in-depth exploring of Tuscany – so beautiful, so peaceful.


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