All winter I’m stuck inside for dyeing fabric.  As soon as summer comes, I move the dyeing studio outside where I’m so much happier.  So now that it’s finally warm and has stopped raining, I’m up to my elbows in fabric dye and various discharge solutions – all outside.  I start with white fabric, dye it, overdye it, and screen it many times with different screens made from my own or my husband’s photos.  When the fabric is totally saturated and won’t take any more dye, I discharge some of the color, then dye or screen more, and then sometimes paint it.  Here are a few of the pieces that have been created recently in my back yard:





And here’s one new piece that has come from this process:

Weathered Text“Weathered Text” by Shelley Brucar.  Hand-dyed, screened and discharged velvet; machine stitching.

What, you may be thinking, does all this have to do with stress management and serenity?  Did I mention that fiber art is what brings me serenity?  If you don’t already have something you’re passionate about – something that makes the rest of the world disappear when you’re involved with it – find that passion now.  Then make time to pursue your passion.


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One response to “LAYERS of SURFACE DESIGN

  1. cathy sugrue

    Hi Shelley stumbled on to your blog page and find thaat I am so ashamed of myself.I completed a degree in textile design in 96 but due to my husband being very ill he was always encouriging me to do things once I finished college.Sadley he died suddenly in 206 while I was visiting my mother who had cancer I now want to try and get back that passion for painting and textiles but some days I am at a loss,I hope that having seen your beautiful textiles will inspire me to get creative again.

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