Going back to kids, I found a list I wrote once about what kids do better than adults.  If we take our cues from kids about some things, we can improve the quality of our lives.  Watch people waiting in a line, for example.  How many adults are fidgety and impatient, worrying about how much time they are wasting and how much they have to do?  How many kids are making up games, dancing around, and generally having fun?

So here’s my list of what kids do better:

1.  Have fun

2.  Forget time

3.  Laugh

4.  Get over things

5.  Give another chance

6.  Relax

7.  Focus on what they are doing

8.  Enjoy what they are doing

9.  Go with the flow

10.  Take risks

11.  Imagine

12.  Let it go

13.  Forget the rules – Color outside the lines

14.  Think outside the box

screen3aNewly screened piece of cloth giving me inspiration.  Sometimes a piece of fabric that I have dyed/screened/painted without any preconceived plan results in a flash of creativity.

What awakens your creative spirit?


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