Have you thought of more things you could be doing just for fun?  So why are you not finding the time for these things?  OK, here are five more tips:

21. GET A MASSAGE.  Yes it is expensive.  And SO worth it!  The benefits of a massage are enormous.  You get all those kinks – all the tension – worked out.  And you get pampered, which we all deserve.  You get to lie in a warm room with relaxing music in the background while the massage therapist works warm aroma-therapy oils into your tired muscles.  I had a massage last week (at Evensong Spa, Green Lake, WI), after going way too long since my last one.  The massage therapist clearly could feel exactly where I was holding any tension, and she was expert at working it out.  Every fiber in my body felt exquisite.  And by the way, the whole spa experience is something we can all use on a regular basis!

22.  GET AWAY OVERNIGHT OR FOR A WEEKEND.  It doesn’t have to be far and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just getting out of your usual (often busy and stressful) space can bring on peace.  At home, there are usually things you feel compelled to do.  When you’re away from home, you don’t have to follow any routine – it’s freeing.  And please, if you have to bring your phone, remember that you don’t have to answer it – because you’re on vacation!

23.  SOAK IN A HOT TUB.  Peaceful time alone – need I say more?


detail of Stephanie’s Coneflower by Shelley Brucar

24.  VISIT AN ART GALLERY OR MUSEUM.  Yes, being an artist, this is a natural place to find me.  However, it can be enjoyable for anyone.  Seeing art can take you into a different world.  You become engaged with the art, with the beauty, the message, the color, the lines.  You can momentarily let go of everything else – and that is a good thing.

25.  GO TO JOKES.COM.  There is always a “joke of the day” plus archives of thousands of jokes conveniently categorized so you can look for the ones that will make you laugh.

What coping tools are working for you?


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