Yesterday was such a glorious day!  I do believe it’s so much easier to relax and reduce stress when one can be outside, with nature.  And, for me at least,  it’s so much easier to be outside when it’s warm and sunny – like yesterday.  So after lunch, which was of course outside, my husband and I spent the rest of the day at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Buds are popping out everywhere, and some spring flowers are already in bloom.


While walking around the Garden, I found much of interest on the ground.  Can anyone identify these?

natural-wondersThere were thousands of these brittle, curled-up things on the ground.  They look to me like they belong in a felted piece I’m working on after last week’s workshop with Michele Sales.  They will show up in some artwork whether or not I can find out what they are, but it would be nice to know.

And here is the “large” piece I was felting in class.  It’s not anywhere near done; I have lots of ideas floating around for more felting and surface design, but some folks were interested in what it was going to look like.



Don’t fret, stressed-out people.  I will get back to coping tools in the next post.  I just have to weave in some artsy stuff because that’s my stress management. 

Today’s best coping tool:  Savor the lovely days of Spring.  Open your windows.  Spend time outside.



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3 responses to “WARM AND SUNNY

  1. I really like the blue and yellow piece Shelley. Would like to see it up close (and personal, yeah I wanna touch it!) some time.

  2. Peggy Spence

    i know what they are!! they are seed pods – empty – from wisteria vines. I have some myself. The pods explode in the spring and fling the seeds far and wide. I saved several because the shape intrigues me.

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