Kids seem to instinctively know how to have FUN.  As adults, we often get weighed down by our daily obligations, and either forget how to have fun or fail to make time for fun.  Life becomes way too serious.  This post and two more which will follow will give you the next 15  ideas from my “100 Stress Reducers” list, and they are all about bringing fun back into your life.

Continuing from the 3/23 post …

11.  WRITE A LIST OF THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY – THINGS THAT GIVE YOU A SENSE OF SERENITY – THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.  The things on your list need not be big, expensive and time-consuming – although some of them might be.  To make your list, set aside 15 to 30 minutes when you can be alone, close your eyes and dream/visualize what makes you feel good.  Yes, maybe one thing on your list is a 2-week vacation in Hawaii.  And maybe another item is as simple as a “catch-up” email to an old friend.  Now that you have this list, look at it regularly, and update it whenever new ideas come to mind.

12.  DO SOMETHING JUST FOR FUN – EVERY DAY.   It’s time to look at the list you just made and pick something.  It can be a full day visit to an art exhibit, or it can be small, maybe just taking a break to watch the sun rise or set.  The important piece is to take the time, whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours, to do something that makes you smile, feel good, be at peace.

13.  COLOR OR DRAW.  Get yourself a sketchbook, a child’s coloring book, a paint-by-numbers kit, or whatever moves you.  We all did activities like these as kids and thoroughly enjoyed them.  So why don’t we do them now?  No excuses – splurge on the box of 64-color crayons and play without judging yourself.

14.  DO SOMETHING YOU LIKED TO DO AS A CHILD.  Did you used to love building models?  Did you love the swings or merry-go-round at the park?  What else brought you joy as a child?  What’s stopping you from doing these things now?

15.  MAKE TIME FOR THE PEOPLE ON YOUR LIST.  If you haven’t put any people on your list, you can add them now.  Who are you likely to be with when you feel good?  Are there friends, family members, aquaintances in your life who accept you for who you are, who love you unconditionally, without judgement?  These are the people you want to keep near and dear.  Make time for them.  You will benefit.


“Red Hat Ladies” by Shelley Brucar.  This was absolutely a “just for fun” piece.

If you believe you don’t have space in your life to implement even these simple ideas, take a look at how you’re spending your time.  We’ll take on time management in future posts, but for now just contemplate letting go of one small thing that takes up some of your precious time, some small thing that is really not a necessity.   I’ve heard many people say that after a long, tiring day, all they can do is sit and watch TV.  But TV is not anywhere near as relaxing as so many other ways that time could be used.  Giving up 1/2 hour of tv 2-3 times/week to do the things on your list could make a huge difference in how you feel all the time!


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  1. Sounds like a great reminder to go see art with you!
    The kid stuff is interesting. Most of the stuff I used to do for hours would make me feel self conscious and weird now-I’m not sure whether they would even be fun; singing into the hairbrush, make believe games with my siblings dancing to my favorite music, skipping-remember skipping? It’ll give you cardiac arrest now! I guess I do grown up versions of some of these now; instead of planning the horse stable I am going to run, I plan the layout of different flowers in my garden or my latest art piece or the layout of my dream country property. Instead of zooming around on my bike, I walk my dogs, etc. Maybe the things I love haven’t really changed all that much; I sure see common threads now connecting me to all the things I loved as a kid: animals, outdoors, beauty, art and laughing with my pals.


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