A Room with a View – by Shelley Brucar.  Hand-dyed and screen-printed fabric, textile paint, machine stitching, 40″ x 50″.

Remember I wrote that I have a list of 100 stress reducers?  Here are the first ten.  Take one at a time.  They are easy to do and can be integrated into your daily or weekly routines.

1.  GET UP 15 MINUTES EARLIER THAN USUAL.  This will give you the gift of some extra time, less rushing, less stress at the very start of your day.  This can mean more time in the shower, a more leisurely cup of coffee or breakfast, or a more relaxed ride to work.  Try it for a week and bask in the peace this simple change offers.

2.  TAKE A WALK.  The combination of exercise and nature can’t be topped.  Both have been shown, in study after study, to reduce stress.   Even a short walk in cold, hot or rainy weather will give you a boost.

3.  NOTICE YOUR SURROUNDINGS.  At home, at work or while you’re out walking, take the opportunity to observe the things around you.  Really look at the leaves on the trees and the artwork on the walls.

4.  WATCH A FUNNY MOVIE OR TV SHOW.  Let go of the day and bring some comedy into your world.  It doesn’t always have to be serious.

5.  CALL SOMEONE YOU LIKE TO TALK TO.  It only takes a few minutes – and feels so refreshing – to connect with someone you like.

6.  CUT DOWN ON CAFFEINE.  Whether it’s coffee, tea or cola, caffeine can increase feelings of anxiety.  Cut down a little bit – make it 1/2 decaf – and feel the difference in your body and your mind.

7.  SIT AND ENJOY A CUP OF TEA.  Make it decaf, and savor each sip.  Be aware of the subtle aroma and taste.  Take the time to enjoy it rather than just drinking it.

8.  SAY NO TO SOME REQUESTS.  Especially if you tend to say “yes,” it is you people will call when they want something done.  Empower yourself by saying “no” sometimes.  You are not obligated to do everything that is asked of you.  If you don’t have the time, or if you simply don’t feel like it, turn down some requests.  And don’t feel that you have to give an explanation.  Just say no!

9.  READ A MOTIVATIONAL BOOK.  One of my favorites is “SAY YES TO CHANGE” by George and Sedena Cappannelli.  New ideas and inspiration!

10.  GET ENOUGH SLEEP.  You will be amazed at how much better you will feel, physically and emotionally, how much more focused, more tolerant and less irritable you will be if you get enough sleep.  How much is enough varies from one person to the next.  But most of us need 7 – 8 hours per night.



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  1. Shelly I have been reading this with pleasusre and following your good advice. Thanks.

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