I have a strong love-hate relationship with my computer, cell phone and all technology.  In spite of that, I have decided to start a blog because I believe that I do have some ideas of interest and value to share with whoever might find this page.


About me:  I have two careers, two passions, which actually blend together.  They are social work and fiber art.  Over many years as a social worker, I have worked with all ages, in direct service, administration and training.  One common thread that spans all layers of human existence (it seems to me) is the inability or lack of knowledge to cope productively with stress.  Over the last few years as an artist, I have found my voice to be all about finding peace and serenity.  And that’s where these two pieces of my life converge – my art is inspired by nature, and nature soothes the senses.




Inspiration for the piece shown above came from a photo I took in San Francisco many years ago.  The boy on the pier seemed completely oblivious to the world around him, immersed “in the moment” and awed by the water.


About this blog:  Being a firm believer that coping effectively with stress enhances our lives dramatically, this blog will be all about coping tools.  Having spent a full year as a trainer in stress management, I have lots of ideas to share.  Every one of us is a unique individual, so every tool will not work for you.  I hope you will find the ones that do work and use them regularly to enhance your feelings of well-being.  I will also share photos of my art, which I hope brings feelings of serenity to the viewer.


Advance notice:  My plan is to post once or twice per week.  However, not wanting this blog to become a stressor in my life, we’ll see how it goes.  Actual postings may turn out to be more than that or less in any given week.  Hopefully, anyone reading this blog will be flexible and allow for the variations!  And I definitely want you to let me know what works and does not work for you.  Thanks in advance for any comments you leave.


Most of the information you will find here is not new, although some of it is reconstructed in a way that I believe makes it more useful.  Feel free to use and share all the information and tools you will see in this blog; please just give the following credit:

“This post comes from,”  Photos of my work are copyrighted and you will need written permission to use these photos.


For now, remember, it is not the amount or the type of stress, but rather, how effectively we deal with the stress that determines the impact on our lives.  So please, use this space to kick back and indulge in some relaxation.



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  1. Yeah, Shelley!
    Congrats! What a great job. I love the look of the blog. I am looking forward to destressing while I read. I can say that helping you set up your blog has not fallen in to the destressing category!


  2. Whoohoo, you’re picture is back! -Tracy

  3. Nina

    The social worker de-stress thing is a natural. How about an art playday for the Republicans?

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